Syringe Pump Single Channel
  • Syringe Pump Single Channel

Syringe Pump Single Channel

Product Code : A-348

Quick Overview

Syringe Pump Single Channel

Product Specifications

All day’s accurate working of infusion pump
Secure : Automatic Infusion pump at constant temperature
Perfect: Working mode at night
Convenient: Weight mode conversion

Specify syringe size automatically
Identify syringe size automatically
3-level occlusion alarm limits setting
Automatically reduce impact dose release after occlusion
Limits setting
Delivered volume inquiry
KVO flow rate
Fast rate control
“Purge” button activate safe protection
Flow rate setting button lock
Abundant optic and sound alarm
AC and internal power indication
Standard RS232 interface
500 history records

SPECIFICATION (Single Channel)
Syringes 10, 20, 30, 50 ml of calibrated syringes
Flow rate 0.1-1500 ml/h (0.1 ml/h step) 50 ml syringe
0.1-900 ml/h (0.1 ml/h step) 30 ml syringe
0.1-600 ml/h (0.1 ml/h step) 20 ml syringe
0.1-400 ml/h (0.1 ml/h step) 10 ml syringe
Purge rate 1500 ml/h 50 ml syringe
900 ml/h 30 ml syringe
600 ml/h 20 ml syringe
400 ml/h 10 ml syringe
Accuracy of flow rate
(Nominal value)
Accuracy including syringe: within ±2%
Mechanical accuracy: within ±1%
Display range of volume delivered 0.1–9999 ml
(0.1–999.9 ml,0.1ml step)
(1000–9999 ml,1ml step)
Setting of delivery limit 0.1–9999 ml
(0.1–999.9 ml,0.1ml step)
(1000–9999 ml,1ml step)
Occlusion detection pressure 'H': 800±200 mmHg (106.7±26.7 kPa) or 1.09±0.27 kgf/cm²
'C': 500±100 mmHg (66.7±13.3 kPa) or 0.68±0.13 kgf/cm²
'L': 300±100 mmHg (40.7±13.3 kPa) or 0.41±0.13 kgf/cm²
Power AC110220V ±10%, 5060 Hz ±1 Hz
Inner NiMH battery: DC12 V
Operation conditions Ambient temperature: 5 to 40, Relative humidity: 20% to 80%
Storage conditions Ambient temperature: -40 to 55, Relative humidity: ≤ 95%
Electric shock protection/class Class I and internal power supply: Type CF, Continuous operation
Water proof level IPX4
Weight 2.25kg (with clamp base)
Dimension 306mm (Width)×135mm (Height)×127mm (Depth)