Digital EEG And Mapping System
  • Digital EEG And Mapping System

Digital EEG And Mapping System

Product Code : A-340

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Digital EEG and Mapping System

Product Specifications

Specifications :
The system integrates acquisition, amplification, filters and A/D resolution of signal into one module with SMD technology, which improves the reliability and anti-jamming ability of the system.
Automatically record EEG and 24 hours continuous acquisition.
16-lead EEG, which have the function of automatic measurement. (1016: 16ch EEG)
Automatic scaling system.
Mark event, using different color stands different event
Digital video monitor system (option)
The manual and automatic flashlight stimulator
The integrated design increases the anti-jamming ability and the sensibility of system simultaneously.
The multifunctional digital filter system, which has the function of setting up different filters and filtering methods.
More than 10 kinds of BEAM and EEG, such as top view, side view and monochromatic view are displayed in the same screen.
All kind of power spectrum BEAM, numerical BEAM and compressed spectrum graph.
Three-dimensional rotary BEAM
Integrated picture and character printout
Perfect case management system
Convenient and quick USB interface